Our Work Crews



The New Leaf grounds crew are landscaping experts.  We mow grass, trim hedges, clear debris, place cobble and bark, plant foliage, and keep NASWI looking beautiful.

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The Galley

The Admiral Nimitz Galley is where NASWI comes to eat, and where our Galley crew keeps things running by serving food, washing dishes, and keeping things clean. 


The Naval Air Station - Whidbey Island commissary is kept stocked and clean by our hard-working commissary crews. Keeping the commissaries clean and getting all the products on the shelves and lined up neatly are priorities for our customers. 



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The New Leaf Janitorial crew vacuums, mops, power washes, buffs, dusts, and sanitizes. From the floors to the restrooms to the windows, our Janitorial crew keeps the NASWI buildings clean, stocked, and looking good. 

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