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Training Videos

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Please read this first.

Educational Purposes

All trainings linked on this website are presented for educational purposes only. These trainings are approximate demonstrations of New Leaf work processes and standards. They are not exact guides for how to do your work.

Supervisor Instruction

Any and all instruction from New Leaf leads, supervisors, project managers, and administration takes priority over these training videos. If the video says one thing and your boss says another, follow your boss, not the video.

Voluntary Use

By accessing these trainings you are acknowledging that you are doing so of your own volition.


All trainings linked here, including those related to nutrition, sleep, and physical and mental health, are presented without endorsement and are not to take the place of professional guidance.

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Annual Trainings

Annual Trainings - Environmental

Annual Trainings - Safety

Intake Trainings - All employees

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Operations Trainings

Floor Care Operations Trainings

Galley Operations Trainings

Grounds Operations Trainings - Small Equipment

Grounds Operations Trainings - Big Equipment

Janitorial / Custodial Operations Trainings

Shelf Stocking Operations Trainings

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Safety Trainings

Accident Reporting Safety Trainings

Awareness and Attitude Safety Trainings

Biological Hazards Safety Trainings

Commissary Safety Trainings

Driving Safety Trainings

Electrical Hazards Safety Trainings

Environmental & HAZCOM/MAT/WASTE Safety Trainings

Eyewash & Vision Safety Trainings

Fall Protection Safety Trainings

Fire & Emergency Safety Trainings

First Aid Safety Trainings

Flying Insect Safety Trainings

Food Service Safety Trainings

Harassment Safety Trainings

Hearing Safety Trainings

Lifting & Ergonomics Safety Trainings

PPE Safety Trainings

Slip, Trip, & Fall Safety Trainings

Stretching & Warmup Safety Trainings

Weather Safety Trainings

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Wellness Awareness

Anger Management



Sleep & Energy

Stress & Anxiety

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Personal and Professional Development 

Disability Awareness


Growth Mindset

Listening and Conversing

Nonverbal Communication

Supervisory Skills - Management

Supervisory Skills - Leadership


Work - Life Harmony

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