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Our Partners

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An Independent Federal Agency

The AbilityOne® Program is among the nation's largest sources of employment for people who are blind or have significant disabilities.


Through a national network of approximately 500 nonprofit agencies, the program provides the Federal Government products and services at fair market prices. The procurement of these products and services results in employment of approximately 45,000 individuals.

Nearly $4 billion of AbilityOne products and services were procured by the federal government in fiscal year 2019.


Employs approximately 45,000 people who are blind or have significant disabilities


Employs approximately 3,000 veterans, including wounded warriors.


Coordinates participation from approximately 500 nonprofit agencies nationwide.


Operates more than 150 Base Supply Centers at military and government installations.


Nearly $4 billion of AbilityOne products and services were procured by the Federal government in fiscal year 2019.

Business Solutions You'll Feel Good About

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SourceAmerica is empowered by the Federal AbilityOne program to provide employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. 


Established in 1974, SourceAmerica links Federal procurement customers with nearly 500 nonprofit organizations, and provides contract management and support along the way.  


SourceAmerica-linked nonprofits such as New Leaf employ and train workers with disabilities to provide quality products and services to the Federal Government at a fair market price.  


40+ years of acquisition experience with state and federal contracts.


Competitive pricing and a reliable US workforce.


Connecting contract work to a  valued national network of nonprofits who create job opportunities for people with disabilities .


Advocating for a more inclusive workforce and helping individuals transcend barriers to employment.

A leader in facilities management

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Skookum is a proven leader in Total Facilities Management and Logistics Support Services specializing in public works, fleet management, and warehousing and distribution for federal and commercial customers.

Additionally, Skookum operates as Skookum Aerospace Manufacturing, delivering a wide range of superior, on-time aircraft parts, assemblies, and kits for the aerospace commercial, and defense industries.

Skookum has over three decades of excellence rooted on sound business practices. Skookum's talented and diverse work force is dedicated to providing exceptional results and creating opportunities for people of all abilities.


Over 30 years of investing in people and creating opportunities for people of all abilities.


The best value provider of choice in the defense industrial complex and aerospace manufacturing sectors.


Committed to staying accountable to each other and delivering the next level of safety and environmental responsibility.


Supporting employees and the broader community by championing wellness and professional growth.

Our military & veterans employment partners

Our partners in service

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