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What our customers are saying about us

Beautiful Landscape

New Leaf services over 100 facilities and 500 acres throughout Naval Air Station - Whidbey Island, as well as the Admiral Nimitz Galley at NASWI and and commissaries at NASWI and Smokey Point Naval Support Complex. 

We are proud of our relationships with our customers and love getting feedback on our work. 

"Walk off mats are neatly placed, glass doors are clean, and carpet in and around doorways to wall edges are well maintained." 

Convergence Zone, NASWI Ault Field

"Thank you for the polite and friendly customer service. Your custodial staff is always friendly."

Ault Field FRC

"Clean and finished appearance at Saratoga Gate."

Ault Field Grounds

Someone [Donald Mitchell, Day Janitorial crew supervisor] came in last week to clean the carpets.  He was professional and did a terrific job!!  Thank you for your help, the carpet no longer stinks.  


"Always friendly and accommodating to our workspaces."

Organization Aviation Physiology, NASWI Ault Field

Ault Field SPB, NASWI

NASWI Ault Field & Seaplane Base

"Since the onset of the [COVID] pandemic, the Contractor has responded to more than 44 Urgent Service Galls for disinfection at facility spaces where a potential or positive case of COVID was present. The need for disinfection came 24 hours a day, seven days a week, often times back to back.

They always answered the Urgent Service Calls with pleasant demeanor, a can-do attitude and willingness to extend themselves in any way necessary in the management of pandemic prevention." 
The need for disinfection came 24 hours a day, seven days a week, often times back to back.

NASWI Ault Field

"Whenever cobble is displaced the New Leaf Grounds crew are sure to replace it while conducting routine debris collection." 

"Clearly a well-orchestrated work plan has been developed for the grounds crew to cover edging on two bases and not miss any of the curbs and edges. Good work!"

Whidbey Island Commissary Crew 006 - 200
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