Promoting independence and quality of life through employment.

New Leaf is a not-for-profit organization providing employment for adults with disabilities. We're based in Oak Harbor, Washington.

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Our mission is to promote independence and quality of life through employment.


We are an Equal Opportunity/ Minority/ Female/ Disabled/ Veteran Employer providing vocational services.

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We advocate for our employees and assist them with self-advocacy.

New Leaf Stories

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Dick Toft - in Memoriam

Summer 2021

New Leaf remembers longtime New Leaf Board President and Member Dick Toft. 



William M. Usdane Award

May 2019

Gene F. Pulu from the New Leaf Grounds crew was recognized for tackling every task at New Leaf with heart and hard work, setting an inspirational example  and energizing those around him.

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Celebrating 50 years

April 2019

New Leaf celebrates 50 years of employing adults with disabilities and serving the community. 

Building Cleaning Service

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Pebble Beach

We Focus On Ability,  Not Disability

New Leaf is a not-for-profit organization under the AbilityOne umbrella. We employ adults with disabilities and promote our mission with competitive contracts and quality-controlled services. New Leaf does not rely solely on public resources or grants for funding our programs.

Helping Since 1969

New Leaf was incorporated in 1969 by a group of parents of adults with developmental disabilities who sought to help their children attain meaningful employment opportunities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help our employees  achieve greater independence and advocate for themselves so that our community can be better prepared to welcome people with disabilities, and so that people exiting public assistance are seen as assets to the work force.

Supporting our Employees

New Leaf seeks to support our employees as they pursue improved quality of life outside of work as well as on the job. New Leaf encourages mutual support, learning, emotional growth, and celebration of successes.

Respect for Community

New Leaf is proud of its history and work in the community and grateful for the role it holds as an AbilityOne partner. We seek to be a positive part of our local community as well as a component of a broader public effort to include adults with disabilities as productive members of society.

Advocating For Our Employees

We believe that pursuing independent living effectively means counting on others when you need to, and letting them count on you, too. New Leaf seeks to help our employees achieve balance in their lives. 

Growing and Developing

We have acquired two new buildings adjacent to our main office in Oak Harbor with the intention of enhancing our capacity to promote independence and quality of life through employment. 

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We have been in business for over 50 years. 

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We Value Workforce Diversity

New Leaf, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that gives hiring preference to people with significant disabilities and Wounded Warriors. We offer great pay and excellent benefits packages.