December 22nd, 2020

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New Leaf CEO Michele McKenna (L) and Director of Operations Glenn Kincaid (R) present Seanna Baker of the New Leaf janitorial crew the New Leaf Star Award.

New Leaf, Inc.

Seanna Baker of the New Leaf day janitorial crew received the New Leaf Star Award in recognition of her outstanding work and positive attitude. Seanna's award comes after receiving continued accolades from NAS Whidbey Island for her great work. 


"Seanna has always been very friendly and accommodating to our work spaces. She is a pleasent, energetic individual and she always ensures that we have what is needed," said NAS Organization Aviation Psychology Engineering Technician Robert M. Johnson.


Seanna Baker of of the New Leaf janitorial crew with flowers she received from the NAS Whidbey chapel in appreciation of her hard work and great attitude. 

NAS Whidbey Chaplain Greg Uvila recognized Seanna's excellent work and chipper attitude curing the COVID crisis as well. He presented her with flowers in appreciation. 

As a recipient of the New Leaf Star award Seanna received 100 dollars and a commemorative pin from New Leaf CEO Michele McKenna.


Fall 2020

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New Leaf employees at the Admiral Nimitz Galley use proper Personal Protective Equipment while performing work duties.  

New Leaf, Inc.

As 2020 comes to a close New Leaf employees look back on a year of serving NAS Whidbey Island through partial facilities closures and heightened sanitation requirements. 

The Novel Corona Virus Disease of 2019 (COVID-19) disrupted business and people's lives around the world, and Naval Air Station - Whidbey Island has been no exception. The NAWSI gym and Child Development Center both suffered temporary shutdowns due to the virus. New Leaf employees assigned to those work duties were quickly reassigned to other essential positions during the pandemic.   

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Sanitation takes especially high priority for New Leaf customers and employees. 


All New Leaf employees were issued additional Personal Protective Equipment and safety instruction. In the early days of the virus, when masks were scarce, New Leaf  CEO Michele McKenna, a member of Soroptimist International of Oak Harbor (SIOH), had fellow Soroptimists make over 100 masks for New Leaf employees. These masks were distributed to New Leaf frontline workers, janitors, Galley attendants,  commissary custodians and shelf stockers, and grounds workers.

As masking up has become ubiquitous, so too has extra attention to sanitation. New Leaf janitorial crews are doing their part to keep facilities clean by sanitizing door handles, stairwells, restrooms, and other facilities and high-touch surfaces. 

The gradual re-opening of facilities in fall 2020 has meant that reassigned New Leaf employees can return to their usual job posts. "I'm glad to be back in the gym," says New Leaf gym janitorial lead David Lister-Hunter. "We're doing a lot of sanitation to keep things clean and keep our gym customers safe."